Check List for Anti-Termite Treatment

Anti-Termite Treatment – Important consideration

1. It is the treatment to structures to protect against attack by sub-terrain termites by suitable chemical measures. The anti-termite treatment procedure must be carried out by specialist pest control agency, which must have a guarantee for satisfactory performance of treatment for a minimum of 10 years.

2. The anti-termite treatment must be done according to the stipulations laid down by IS 6313 part II.

3. The chemical to be used is Chlorpyriphos 20% EC with ISI certification.

4. Dilute one part of Chlorpyriphos 20% EC with 20 parts of water to get 1% emulsion.

5. Trained personnel should handle the chemical and proper safety precautions like facemask, hand gloves, goggles, rubber boots etc. should be used. Check the wind direction before spraying. Do not face in the wind direction and spray.

6. The dosage rate for horizontal and vertical surface is 7.5 liter/m2.

7. Insert rod at intervals of 150mm and depth 300mm along the perimeter of the building and pour the anti termite treatment chemicals directly into the hole.

8. The general idea of anti-termite treatment procedure is to give continuous barrier all along the building coming in contact with soil irrespective of the material i.e. Foundation, PCC, RCC or stone masonry of concrete block or bricks.

Check List for Anti-Termite Treatment

This check list sheet format is common among the major construction industry, Where a site engineer needs to ensure the work is going according to these checklist points.

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Check List for Anti-Termite Treatment

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