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Civil engineering Full Forms

As many are wondering what are those short terms words used in Civil engineering drawings, Notes, or journals. So Here are some Civil engineering full forms or civil engineering abbreviations like RCC full form in civil engineering, DPC full form in civil engineering, PCC full form in civil engineering, etc.

This civil full form list helps you to understand those short forms you have seen in your construction drawings or any civil engineering books.

Civil Full Form List

Sl.noShort FormsCivil Full form / Abbreviations
1ACAsphalt Concrete
2A.BAnchor Bolt Or Asbestos Board
3APMAssistant Project Manager
4AEAssistant Engineer
5A.S.T.MAmerican Society for Testing Materials
6A.S.CAllowable stress of concrete
7A.R.E.AAmerican Railway Engineering Association
8A.C.IAmerican concrete institute
9A.A.S.H.T.OAmerican Association of State Highway Transport
10BWKBrick Work
11BRWBrick Retaining Wall
12BOQBill Of Quantities
13BLKBlock Work
14BHKBedroom, Hall, Kitchen
15B.O.FBottom Of Foundation
16B.MBending moment
18CSComparative statement
19CRWConcrete Retaining Wall
20CPMCritical path method
21CPCement plaster
22CMUConcrete Masonry Unit
23CLCentre Line
24CJConstruction Joint
25CIPCast In Place
26CEChief Engineer
27CCCentre To Centre
28CCCement concrete
29CBWConcrete Block Wall
30C.I.Sheet Corrugated Iron sheet
31C.I.PipeCast iron pipe
34DPRDaily Progress Report
35DPCDamp proof course
36DLDevelopment Length
39D.LDead load
40ELCBEarth Leak Circuit Breaker
41ELExisting Load
42EJExpansion Joint
43EGLExisting ground level
44E.LEnvironmental load
45FtFoot Or Feet
46FOCFactor Of Safety
47FLFloor Level
48FGLFormation ground level
49F.MFineness Modulus
50GPGround plane
51GLGround Level
52HPHorizontal plane
53HFLHighest flood level
54HACHigh Alumina Cement
55ISIIndian Standard Institute
56IOMInter Office Memo
58JEJunior Engineer
60LWCLight Weight Concrete
61LWLight Weight
62LCLime concrete
63L.LLive load
64MTMetric Tonnes
65MRCMaterial Receipt Challan
67MFLMaximum Flood Level
68MEPMechanical Electrical Plumbing
69MCBMiniature Circuit Breaker
70MBMeasurement book
72NCFNeat cement finishing
74OSROpen Space Reservation Area
75OPCOrdinary Portland Cement
76OGLOriginal ground level
77PWDPermanent Works Engineer
78PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
79PSIPound Per Square Inch
80PSFPound Per Square Foot
81PPRPoly Propylene Random
82PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
83POPurchase Order
84PMProject Manager
85PLPlinth level
86PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
87PCCPlain Cement Concrete
88PCPrecast Concrete
89PCPile Cap
90QSQuantity Surveyor
91QCQuality control
92RMCReady Mixed Concrete concrete
93RLReduced level
94RCCReinforced Cement Concrete
95RCReinforced Concrete
96RBCReinforced Brick concrete
97R.B.WReinforced brickwork
98SWGStandard wire gauge
99STPSewage Treatment Plant
100SRCSulphate Resisting Cement
101SCCSelf Compacting Concrete
102TOWTop Of Wall
103TOCTop Of Concrete
104TOBTop Of Beam
105TMTThermo Mechanical Treatment
106TDSTotal Dissolved Solids
107TBMTunnel Boring Machine
108TBTie Beam
109U.S.CUltimate stress of concrete
110UPVCUnplasticized Polyvinyl chloride
111USDUltimate strength design
112VPVertical plane
113W.CWater closet
114W.S.DWorking stress design
115WLWorking Level
116WOWork Order

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