Civil Engineering MCQ’s on Building Materials

Civil engineering MCQ on Building Materials

Civil engineering MCQs on building materials with explanation | Basic civil engineering interview questions which were asked in various construction companies and government PWD, GATE, PSU civil engineering jobs interviews. Also get these civil engineering interview questions and answers pdf for free.

11. The process of manufacturing steel by heating short lengths of wrought iron bars mixed with charcoal in fire clay crucibles and collecting the molten iron into moulds, is known as

  1. Cementation process

  2. Crucible process

  3. Bessemer process

  4. Open hearth process

2. Crucible process

12. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

  1. In basic Bessemer process, the steel heats the converter

  2. In open-hearth process, the furnace heats the steel

  3. In Siemens process, the impurities of pig iron are oxidized by the oxygen of the ore

  4. All the above.

4. All the above

13. Vanadium steel is generally used for

  1. Railway switches and crossing

  2. Bearing balls

  3. Magnets

  4. Axles and Springs

4. Axles and Springs

14. Plastic

  1. Is an organic substance

  2. Consists of natural or synthetic binders

  3. Finished products are rigid and stable at normal temperature

  4. All the above

4. All the above

15. For filling cracks in masonry structures, the type of bitumen used, is

  1. Cut-back bitumen

  2. Bitumen-emulsion

  3. Blown bitumen

  4. Plastic bitumen

4. Plastic bitumen

16. For melting one tone of cast iron

  1. 700 m3 air is required

  2. 20 kg limestone is required

  3. One quintal coke is required

  4. All the above.

4. All the above

17. The variety of pig iron used for the manufacture of steel by Bessemer process, is

  1. Bessemer pig

  2. Grey pig

  3. White forge pig

  4. Mottled pig

1. Bessemer Pig

18. Initial setting time of cement for asbestos cement products should be not less than

  1. 30 minutes

  2. 50 minutes

  3. 75 minutes

  4. 90 minutes

4. 90 Minutes

19. Varnish is a transparent or semi-transparent solution of resinuous substances in

  1. Alcohol

  2. Linseed

  3. Turpentine

  4. All the above

4. All the above

20. The commonly used colour pigment in paints, is

  1. Ambers

  2. Carbon black

  3. Lamp black

  4. All the above

4. All the above

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