Top 10 Real estate companies in India 2021

Real estate is considered to be the best investment as said by many professional investor which is booming daily, As a everyone wish to have their own property or a rental or owning commercial properties. So here are Top 10 real estate companies in india which are taking india’s real estate valuation.

List of Top 10 real estate companies in india

Top 10 Real estate companies in India

1. DLF Ltd

DLF ltd is the oldest player among other top 10 real estate companies in india. It was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh in the year 1946.

The DLF full form stands for Delhi Land and Finance.

During the initial days it was started with a 22 urban colonies in delhi, which was later got expanded in Gurugram region in 1985.

DLF Ltd as constructed various turkey projects like Offices, apartments, hotels, shopping malls, infrastructure and golf course.

Their first residential project was in krishna nagar,east delhi. and other infrastructures like Model town, Greater kailash, Rajgauri colony and Hauz Khas.

Today it is the one of the largest publicly listed real estate company in india with having their presence in 15 states and 24 cities.

The current market cap of DLF is Rs 91,376 Cr , As of today DLF share price is 370.00 rs.

2. Prestige Estates Projects Ltd

It is one among the oldest and leading top 10 real estate companies in india, which is performing well and imprinting its inedible mark across all the assets classes.

Prestige estates projects Ltd was founded in 1986,by Razack sattar. The headquarter is situated in bangalore,India.

The company involved in construction, development and leasing of commercial properties like apartments, villas, hotel, shopping malls, golf courses etc.

The current market cap of Prestige estates projects Ltd is Rs 17,480 Cr , As of today Prestige estates projects Ltd share price is 430.09 rs.

3. NBCC India Ltd

NBCC India Ltd was founded in 1960 as a govt of india civil engineering enterprise.

It’s headquarters is located in delhi, It as mainly 3 operation areas Real estate, Engineering procurement & construction and Project management Consultancy.

The current market cap of Prestige estates projects Ltd is Rs 7,920 Cr , As of today NBCC India Ltd share price is 44.0 rs.

4. Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd

Indiabulls real estate ltd is well known for luxury and excellence in commercial and residential properties. which was established in 2006 as a construction and development company.

It is also involved in various fields such as investment advisory, maintenance of projects, industrial and technical consultancy etc.

It also emerged as the one of the top 10 real estate companies in india and recognized globally.

The current market cap of Indiabulls real estate ltd is Rs 7024.56 Cr , As of today Indiabulls real estate ltd share price is 145.02 rs.

5. Brigade Enterprises Ltd

Brigade Enterprises Ltd is one of the top 10 real estate companies in India, which was established in 1986 by M.R Jaishankar.

It provides services and products in various fields like commercial office, shopping mall, apartments, villas and retails.

The parent company of this Brigade Enterprises Ltd is Brigade Enterprises Group which has representative office based in Dubai and It branches are located in several south cities of India.

The current market cap of Indiabulls real estate ltd is Rs 9607.62 Cr , As of today Brigade Enterprises Ltd share price is 407.15 rs.

6. Phoenix Mills Ltd

Phoenix mills ltd is a india’s largest retail mixed developer, which as strong presence in real estate fields like, Retail malls, Entertainment complexes, hospitality and commercial spaces units.

It is also involved in Planning, execution, marketing management, maintenance and sales.

Phoenix mills ltd has real estate assets in various cities of the indi, like Bangalore, Mumbai, chennai, pune, agra,indore,lucknow etc

It is one among top real estate companies in mumbai.

The current market cap of Phoenix mills ltd is Rs 15,630 Cr , As of today Phoenix mills ltd share price is 909.2 rs.

7. Oberoi Realty Ltd

Oberoi Realty Ltd has its presence in real estate over past three decades.

Which was founded in the year 1980. i’s headquarters is located in Mumbai,india.

There operation areas includes apartments, hotels,shopping malls and golf courses etc.

The real estate company is widely famous for it turnkey projects located in mumbai such as Oberoi gardens,oberoi crest,oberoi parkview,oberoi splendor. with these major turnkey projects it can be considered as one among top 10 real estate companies in India.

The current market cap of Oberoi Realty Ltd is Rs 28815.30 Cr , As of today Oberoi Realty Ltd share price is 750.70 rs.

8. Godrej Properties Ltd

A well known brand among indian household, which also has a great presence in real estate dealing in residential buildings, commercial complexes and townships.

It was founded in 1990 by Adi Godrej, Headquarters located in Mumbai and it has presence in different cities of india like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, etc

Back in 2016, Godrej Properties Ltd company stood 2nd in asia and 5th in world in GRESB ( Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmarking ) study.

The current market cap of Godrej Properties Ltd is Rs 58298.12 Cr , As of today Godrej Properties Ltd share price is 1951.10 rs.

9. Sobha Ltd

Sobha Ltd is the one among top 10 real estate companies in india,which was founded in 1995 and its headquarter is located in Bangalore,India.

It is enganeed in various construction and developments such as residential and commercial projects.

Sobha Ltd has two divisions based on core working one as Sobha contracting and other one as Sobha Manufacturing.

The current market cap of Sobha Ltd is Rs 7127.03 Cr , As of today Sobha Ltd share price is 810.60 rs.

10. L&T Realty

L&T Realty is a division of it parent company Larsen and Toubro Group, which was founded in the year 2007, it’s headquarters is located Mumbai,India. and has presence in other cities like bangalore and chennai. it is one of the top 10 real estate companies in India.

It deals with construction and development of residential, commercial,retail,corporate office and leisure spaces etc.

Some of the major projects are Eden park, Seawood grand central, crescent Bay, Emerald isle etc.

The current market cap of L&T (parent company) is Rs 245,791.81 Cr , As of today L&T  share price is 1774.55 rs.

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