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What is a Sillcock?

Sillcock valve
Sillcock valve

Sillcock is an outdoor water faucet located at a sill level of the building and these sillcocks are threaded for attaching a hose or pipe.

Sillcock is usually made from corrosion resistance brass, which can last longer but the brightness of sillcock may fade away over some time.

In general. These are outdoor valve that helps in gardening, watering outdoor plants, and cleaning the patio. These are sometimes referred to as a hose bib.

How to Replace a Sillcock valve

  • First, you need to remove the sillcock handle and with help of channel-type pliers loosen the retaining nut.
  • Now remove the stem, And replace the O- Ring from retaining nut or stem.
  • Next you need to remove the brass steam screw from the end of stem and it must be replaced with washer, after this reassemble the sillcock.

Sillcock valve parts


The sillcock valve consists of a spherical shape handle that is easy to turn the valve. It also offers some resistance that helps in controlling the water flow.


A small spout is provided pointing down at an angle of 45 degrees which is useful for connecting hoses and watering cans. Most commonly brass or plastic female connector are connected to spout. But, a threaded spout can connect to copper, PEX, PVC, or PE-RT pipes.

Usually a good sill cock provides pressure up to 200psi. and can withstand a temperature up to 94 degrees Celcius.

Sillcock Key

Sillcock Key
Sillcock Key

Sillcock key is a standard 4-way plus-shaped key that is widely used by plumbers to open the most tamper-resistant hose bibs.

This sillcock key comes with four sides having different dimensions such as ¼, 9/32, 5/16 & 11/32 inches. These different sizes ensure that they can be used to open any lock on any spigot.

Sillcock keys are usually made up of durable, corrosion-resistant steel. the main purpose of the 4-way sillcock key is it can be used where locks are not compatible with wrenches or pliers.

Sillcock key is also known as survival key as it can be carried anywhere due to its overall tiny size(about 4inches). Most commonly carried by plumbers, technicians, engineers, and maintains staff.

Frost free sillcock

Frost Free Sillcock
Frost Free Sillcock

Sillcocks are likely to get damaged by frost and cold. So one has to take proper precautions before the cold weather season. Failing to do so may lead to Sillcock replacement.

To keep your sillcock frost-free, try disconnecting the garden hoses and drain the trapped water from the sillcock. Many sillcocks come frost free which can sustain during cold weather without any damages.

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