Difference Between Backhoe vs Excavator

Backhoe vs Excavator

Both Backhoe and Excavators are generally built for digging purpose, But some of the properties or the functionality varies, So here we will discuss what functionality causes difference between Backhoe vs Excavator.

Various factors depends before choosing between these two such as type of project scale ,cost, efficiency, etc.

What is Backhoe?

Backhoe is a type of excavation machine generally used for earthwork excavation and other purpose.

Backhoe with drilling attachment

It has two buckets one on front and other on back, While the back bucket is small and attached to a two- part arm which has horizontal(200 degree) and vertical movements to some extents. While the front Bucket is large and has only vertical movement. Both buckets are used for different tasks such as excavation, ground leveling, etc.

In between these two buckets a cab with seater is provided which controls the movements of both front and back buckets, which can turn in 360 degree.

As you can see in the bellow image the elongated part attached to the body of backhoe is called as boom, While the remaining part attached to the bucket is known as dipper.

The back arm of the backhoe performs various functions apart from digging, By replacing the bucket one can use other attachments like rippers, hammers, rakes and drills etc. While the front loader section can be used for other attachments such as brooms, forklifts, plows,etc.

Uses of Backhoe

  • Used in various construction Projects
  • Used in farming to perform various tasks
  • Used to move heavy equipments
  • Small and Medium scale excavation

What is an Excavator?

Excavator is type of  excavation machine which is used to perform various tasks such as digging, drilling, leveling, etc.


While the functions of an excavator are similar to the Backhoe, But some factors like rotation ability, power efficiency and equipment size varies from backhoe.

Excavator has 360 degree rotational ability where it can rotate whole body in a circle, While backhoe can only rotate it back arm to certain degree(200).

The excavator can feature various attachments to perform various tasks just like backhoe.But backhoe has more options when compared to excavator.

Unlike the backhoe, Excavators cannot be driven on roads and work sites.

Excavators have more power and comes in huge size and heavier when compared to backhoe.

Uses Of Excavator

Excavators are generally used in heavy duty works like

  • Mining
  • Demolition works
  • Driving piles
  • Large industrial Projects
  • Drilling
  • Large scale excavation

Difference Between Backhoe vs Excavator

These are Small and Light machinesThese are large and heavy machines
Backhoe’s are used for various Small and Medium projects.Excavator’s are used for various large scale projects.
Only back arm can be rotated to certain degree(200 degree)Whole body can be rotated in a circle(360 degree).
Backhoe can be driven easily on roads and work sitesExcavator cannot be driven easily on roads and work sites, Must be transported.
Backhoe can feature various AttachmentsExcavator can also feature various Attachments, but has less options compared to backhoe.
Power efficiency is less when compared to ExcavatorExcavator as high power efficiency can be used for heavy duty works.

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