Different types of landscaping rocks and stones

As there are many types of landscaping rocks and stones, Which are mainly used for decorative purpose of your outdoor spaces like gardens and pathways based on design options you choose.

Landscaping design backyard


Cost of rocks and stones used for landscaping purpose can varies from costliest to cheapest depending on one’s design needs.

Sometimes garden filled with soil and grass could make it look so basic, So using rocks and stones in landscaping design makes your outdoor spaces even more eye catching.

The rocks and stones can be used to make fountains, compound wall  or pathways many more..

Different types of landscaping rocks and stones

● Pea gravel

● Decomposed granite

● River rock

● Crushed granite gravel

● Boulders

● Flagstone

Pea gravel

pea gravel landscaping rock


They are named as Pea gravel, Because size of these rocks are of a pea. These are small and round, and comes in different sizes also, like-1/4 Inch, 1/2 Inch and 5/8 Inch. With many options on colour like tan, white, and brown.

Pea gravels can be used for pathways, filing in between, Patio areas etc..

Decomposed granite

Decomposed granite landscaping

Decomposed granite has a rustic appeal sandy texture. These are very small and has a reddish tan colour which is going to fade over period of time into lighter tan.

These landscaping stones can be used on various places like for yard, rustic patio, garden trail and can be used for pathways, as topdressing around arid plants.

River rock

river rock landscaping


These landscaping rocks are larger and smoother than pea rocks and these are also called as pebbles. River rocks comes in various colours, sizes and these stones are used to create direct drainage through a property or can be used to create dry creek beds.

River rocks are best for creating structures like retaining walls and fountains. These stones enhance your backyard or garden in more eye-catching aesthetic way.

Crushed granite gravel

Crushed granite gravel landscaping


These landscaping stones are similar to decomposed granite, but with difference in size and texture as they are large and thicker respectively.
Crushed granite gravel are generally used for walkways, patios and also used for setting xeric plants which gives a contemporary landscape look.
These are not smooth and also comes in wide range of colours like tan, gold, brown, green and black etc.
Pea gravel and crushed granite gravel are consider to be the cheapest landscape rocks which are good for budget friendly designs.


Boulders landscaping


These rocks are largest in size among the different types of landscaping rocks, ranges from 15″ to 30″.Boulders are excellent for your landscaping as a single big rock substitutes hundred’s of small rocks.

Landscaping with big rocks creates a natural focal point for your garden.



Flagstone landscaping rocks


Flagstones are perfect to create pathways, patio’s and steps in your garden areas.

Because of it’s large and flat surface. Generally, flagstones comes in various colour, texture, patterns and shapes. In commercial and residential areas stones shapes are commonly used in irregular, rectangular, square.

To make your landscaping more eye-catching stones shapes can be customized according to your design such as hexagonal, Diamond turf, Uni- Decor, Appian and Spectrum.

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