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Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is defined as per IS 4926 :1976 as ― concrete delivered at the site or in to the purchasers vehicle in a plastic condition and requiring no further treatment before being placed in position in which it is said to be  harden.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete(RMC)

1. Uniform quality of concrete is assured the strength of concrete obtained at sight in guarantee. 

2. Wastage of cement in handling is avoided. 

3. The workability of concrete would be correct or ideal and appropriate for placing methods used. 

4. The environmental pollution is reduced.

5. The traffic operation will be improved and results in decondition of roads.

6. The user’s does not have to worry about logistic supply of material and their storage inside.

7. Rate of construction is fast.

Disadvantages of Ready Mix Concrete(RMC)

1. Need huge initial investment.

2. Ready Mix Concrete(RMC) is not suitable for small projects, As it is Not affordable for small projects (small quantity of concrete)

3. Effective transportation system is needed from Ready Mix Concrete companies to construction site.

4. Delay in time to the site due to Traffic jam or failure of vehicle creates problem.

5. Labors must be ready on the site, in a position to cast concrete and vibrate and compact it. 

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