What is a Transom window? | Transom windows Types and Sizes

What is Transom?

The transom is an extra part of the window and a type of beam. Transom helps in separating the top of the door and window from the wall level. The purpose of providing transom is to carry the load.

What is a Transom window?

Transom windows
Transom windows

Transom windows are the type of windows that are installed or located just above the doors and windows of the house. Transom windows play an important role in providing natural light and air, basically acting as ventilation but they can be closed or opened completely.

Note – Some windows won’t perform closing and opening functions, they are just static providing natural light. It depends on the type of window design refer to the below image(fixed type transom window image 3).

The main reason for designing transom windows, back in the olden days there was no mode of artificial air conditioning. So, to get natural air inside the house these types of windows are invented, These transom windows help to allow the air from outside to inside and within the rooms in the house.

Transom windows can be installed on any type of doors or windows either on internal doors or external doors. Transom windows are connected by metal rods on hinges that help them to open and close by an individual.

These types of windows come in different shapes, styles, sizes, glasses types, and designs. While for the frame of transom windows, materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, wood, etc can be used. The glass material can include clear glass, frosted glass, clear glass, etc.

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Types of Transom Window

There are four types of transom windows are there

  • Arched Transom Window
  • Fixed Transom Window
  • Shed Type Transom WIndow
  • Bathroom Transom Window

Arched Transom Window

Arched transom windows picture
Arched transom windows picture

As the name suggests these transom windows come in an arch(semi-circular) shape as you can see in the above image. These types of windows are best suited for decorative purposes.

These are used on the gables and over the doors and windows. Arched transom windows are mostly preferred for slope roofs and pitched roofs. These windows are either fixed or movable, depending on individual requirements. Arched transom windows are less preferred for modern and clean roof houses.

Fixed Type Transom Window

Fixed type transom window picture
Fixed type transom window picture

These types of transom windows are fixed or static cannot be opened or closed by an individual. Fixed type transom windows are commonly used in the living room, bedroom, backyard, etc.

Shed Type Transom Window

Shed-type transom windows
Shed-type transom windows

Shed-type transom windows come in a rectangular and elongated shape. These are usually installed at ceiling level. The transom window size can be customized based on the individual requirements (Amount of light they need).

These types of transom windows are mostly used in temporary structures such as garages, storage rooms, cattle shelters, etc.

Bathroom Transom Window

Bathroom Transom Window
Bathroom Transom Window

Well, most of the small houses won’t prefer bathroom transom windows due to privacy concerns, but these can be seen in modern and luxury homes such as villas, bungalows as they give an aesthetic light appearance in the bathroom and it looks so decorative for houses.

These bathroom transom windows can be either fixed or hinged depending on individual preference.

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Advantages of Transom window

  • Transom window provides great ventilation for all rooms(light and air).
  • Transom window are great for privacy, if you dont want to open the door or window then these will help you to get light and air inside the house.
  • These type of windows are affordable when compared to Casement windows, French windows.
  • These windows are more engery efficent when comapred to other windows.
  • Trasnom windows gives an asthethic appreance to the house and enhance the house look.
  • These are easy to opertae, closing and opening can be done by using simple mettalic rod or rope.

Disadvantages of Transom Window

  • Maintenance cost is a bit more as there is a high chance of developing cracks and holes in the frames of the window.
  • No natural air- if it is fixed type of transom window only natural light can be seen.
  • Cleaning process is bit complicated as they are placed at ceratin height or above doors.
  • Not cleaning properly may lead mold and termit attack.

FAQ on Transom Window

Q . When would you use a transom window?

Ans – Transom windows are usually used when there is natural light and air requirement in the house even when doors and windows are closed. These can be installed above the internal door to get cross ventilation.

Q . Where are transom windows used?

Ans – Transom windows can be used anywhere, such as above doors (internal or external) and windows of the house, apartments, office buildings, schools, and other buildings.

Q . Are transom windows worth it?

Ans – The answer would be yes because they provide natural light and air even when doors and windows are closed and very affordable and easy to operate.

Q . What is transom window size?

Ans – There is no particular size it can be customized based on design requirements. but commonly used sizes can be varying from 20” to 72” for the width and starting from 6” to more than 15” in the height

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