Interview Questions for Civil engineer on Brickwork

Top 15 Fresher Civil Engineer Interview Questions on Brickwork

Interview questions on brickwork

1. What is the standard size of a Brick?

Ans: 19 cm x 9cm x 9cm

2. What  IS Code is refereed for practice for Brick Work?

Ans: IS : 2212 – 1991

3. Which is the strongest bond in brick work?

Ans: English Bond is considered to be the strongest.

4. What is maximum % of water absorption of a brick, When soaked in water?

Ans: 20 %

5. What is minimum compressive strength of a brick?

Ans: 7.5 N/mm2 as per IS-3495(part-1):1976

6. What is the thickness of mortar in brick work?

Ans: 10-12mm

7. What is the maximum height of brick masonry wall built in a day?

Ans: Maximum height is 1.5 m per day or 600 bricks must be laid per day.

8. How many types of bricks are there? Name Them.

Ans: There are 3 types of Bricks. Facing Bricks, Engineering Bricks and Common Bricks.

9. How many bricks in 1 cu.m?

Ans: 500 No’s of bricks in 1 m3

10. How many classes are there in Bricks?

Ans: 3 Classes . Class 1,Class 2 , and Class 3

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11. In which bond, brick are laid with its length in the direction of a wall?

Ans: Stretcher Bond

12. Which Bond Is Expensive English or Flemish Bond?

Ans: English Bond, As it requires more Bricks.

13. What is Half Bat?

Ans: It is a portion of a brick which is cut across width in half.

14. Which Bricks is used for corner of walls of a structure ?

Ans: Quoins

15. What is Soundness Test of brick?

Ans: Soundness test of bricks shows the nature of bricks against sudden impact.

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