Three Different Types of Wells

Types of Wells

There are 3 different types of wells

  • Dug Wells
  • Driven Wells
  • Drilled Wells


Dug Wells:

Dug well

Dug wells are usually excavated manually by hand and even today this method is widely adopted.

A typical dug well is usually an irregular hole in the ground that intersects the water table.

These wells are lined with Stones, Bricks Tile or other materials to prevent collapse and covered with a cap of wood, stone or concrete tile.


Driven Wells:

Driven well

Driven wells are constructed by driving a small diameter pipe into shallow water bearing sand or gravel.

Driven wells are relatively simple and  economical to construct, But they can tap only shallow water & are easily contaminated from near by surface source as they are not sealed with grouting material.

Hand driven wells are usually 30feeet deep, while Machine Driven wells can be 50 feet or more.


Drilled Wells:

Drilled wells

These types of wells are constructed by either Cable tool or rotary Drilling machines.

Drilled wells which penetrates unconsolidated materials, needs installation of casing and a screen to prevent inflow of sediments and Collapse.

These wells are drilled more than 1000 feet deep. The space around the casing must be sealed with grouting material of either neat cement or betonies clay to prevent contamination by water draining from the surface downward around the outside of the casing.

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