What is fiber reinforced concrete?| Types of Fibers | Properties |Uses

What is fiber reinforced concrete| types of fibers


What is Fiber(Fibre)?

Fiber is a small piece of reinforcing material which increases structural integrity.

What is fiber reinforced concrete?

Fiber reinforced concrete is a Portland cement reinforced with more or less randomly distributed fibers.

Types of Fibers

these are different types of fibers which are used in the concrete 

1) Jute fibers

2) Coir fibers

3) Steel fibers

4) Carbon fibers

5) Glass fibers

6) Plastic fibers

7) Asbestos fibers

1. Jute fibers

Jute comes from plants, these are long, soft, shiny fiber that can be turned or made into coarse, strong threads.

Properties of jute fiber:

1) These fibers have low thermal conductivity.

2) These fibers have high tensile strength.

3) They have low extensibility.

4) They are bio-degradable.

Uses of jute fibers:

1) These fibers are used for making fiber reinforced mortar and concrete.

2) These fibers are used to make rope.

3) These fibers are used for making geo-textiles.

4) These fibers are used to make cloths.

5) These fibers are also used to make pulp and paper.

2. Coir fibers 

Coir is the fibrous materials it is found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut.

Properties of coir fibers:

1) These fibers have low density

2) These fibers as high specific strength to weight ratio.

3) These fibers are non-toxic.

4) These fibers are bio-degradable.

Uses of coir fibers:

1) These fibers are used in floor mats, brushes, mattresses, floor tiles and sacking.

2) These fibers are used for insulation and packing.

3) These fibers are used for manufacturing of rope.

4) These fibers are also used for making fishing nets.

3. Steel Fibers

Steel fibers are discontinuous discrete fibers that is pneumatically projected at high velocity on to a surface.

Properties of steel fibers:

1) These fibers have high tensile strength.

2) These fibers have high elastic modulus.

3) These fibers have high bond strength.

4) These fibers have high ductility.

Uses of steel fibers:

1) These fibers are mainly used for manufacturing steel fiber reinforced.

2) Concrete which has broad applications in construction works.

4. Carbon Fibers 

Carbon fibers or carbon fibres are fibers about 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

Properties of carbon fibers:

1) These fibers have high strength to weight ratio.

2) These fibers are corrosion resistant and chemically stable.

3) These fibers have good fatigue resistance.

4) These fibers have good tensile strength.

5) These fibers have low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Uses of carbon fibers:

1) These fibers can be used in machine, equipment and apparatus construction.

2) These  can be used for interior furnishing or as protective clothing.

3) These are used in the construction of road cars.

4) These fibers are used for manufacturing sport equipment’s.

5. Glass Fibers

Glass fiber is a material consisting of numerous extremely fine fibers of glass.

Properties of glass fibers:

1) Glass fiber is a dimensionally stable material.

2) Glass fibers do not absorb moisture.

3) Glass fibers are more fire resistant.

4) These fibers have low coefficient of thermal expansion.

5) Glass fibers have high strength to weight ratio.

Uses of glass fibers:

1) These fibers are used for making home furnishing fabrics.

2) These fibers are used as heat shields for aeronautical equipment.

3) These fibers are used as reinforcement in fiber reinforced concrete.

4)These fibers are used for roof insulation.

5) They are used to reinforce thermoplastics.

6. Plastic Fibers

In this type of fiber both core and cladding are made of plastic.

Properties of plastic fibers:

1) These fibers have low thermal conductivity.

2) These are flexible

3) These fibers are light and strong.

4) These are un-reactive.

Uses of plastic fibers:

1) These fibers are used for manufacturing fiber reinforced mortar and concrete.

2) These fibers are used in automotive and medical industries.

3) These fibers are used for making geo-textiles.

4) These fibers are used in digital home applications.

7. Asbestos Fibers

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral. There are six types, all of which are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals.

Properties of asbestos fibers:

1) These fibers have good tensile strength.

2) They possess good elasticity.

3) These are chemically stable.

4) These fibers possess high bond strength.

Uses of asbestos fibers:

1) These fibers are used for manufacturing insulating cement.

2) They are used for manufacturing insulating blocks.

3) These fibers are used in fire bricks.

4) They are used in floor tiles.

5) These fibers are used in textiles.

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