16 Important Uses of soil

Uses of soil

There are plenty of uses of soil, But some of the main uses are explained below.


uses of soil in Agriculture

Soils plays vital role in agriculture as they are full of nutrients, Which is required for crops to grow. Not only it helps the crops but provides shelter to the crop-benefitting organisms such as beetles and earthworms. Which are commonly called as farmers friends.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium these three are main nutrients among other nutrients of soil required for crops to grow.


uses of soil in medicines

Soil is generally used in antibiotics. Microbes that are created in the soil are harmful to bacteria, which is why soil is used in medicine. Some of the medicines created by soil include skin ointments, tuberculosis drugs and anti-tumor drugs.


uses of soil in construction

A structure mainly depends on the type of soil it is built. Because soil should have capacity to bear the load of the building. Which is done by compacting the soil, that increases the density of the soil. Soil can also be used as building materials such as adobe and red bricks.

Loam soil is consider to be the ideal for laying building foundation while Black soil being problematic as it has characteristics of swelling during rains and shrinking during summer.

Uses of soil in Pottery

uses of Clay soil for pottery

Soils are used in making earthen utensils. Clay soil is a type of soil which is used to make pottery  or ceramics.

Ceramics are made by mixture of water to clay soil and a little touch is give according to required shape of ceramics. Once they are done let them dry for a day. Ceramics like Vase, Cup, Sculpture can be made with clay soil.

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Uses of soil Cosmetic products

uses of black soil

Soils are used in many cosmetic products like blush and foundation. Many facial masks and toothpastes use soil which is rich in clay.

Uses of soil (Based on type of soil)

There are number of different types of soils, Uses of soil mainly depend on what type of soil is present.

Red Soil

This type of soil is commonly use for cultivation of sugarcane and rice. Red soils are like other thick clay soils which can compact easily.

Black Soil

Black soils are rich of nutrients required for plants. This type of soil helps in increasing the crop productivity such as soybeans, cotton, wheat and barley.

Black soils are most ideal for gardening, and these are used for skin as above explained.

Alluvial Soil

Alluvial soil promotes the highest productivity of crops such as sugarcane, rice, tobacco, cotton, corn and jute etc. This type of soil doesn’t require more water.

Top Soil

This type of soil are commonly used for home gardening and can be used for lawn repair and drainage improvement.

Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is used as a building material, where this can be used for foundation support and draining or to grow perennial flowers.

Clay soil

Clay soil are mainly used for making earthen utensils or pottery. For more explanation refer the pottery section above.

Some other uses of soil

  • Used for naturally filtering and purifying water
  • Used in wastewater treatment plants
  • Organic soils(like peat) are a source of fuel
  • Soil allows gas exchanges between land and air
  • Nutrients are recycled in soil.

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