Rock Salt Finish Concrete Pros and Cons | Properties | Uses

Salt Finish Concrete

Salt finish concrete is a low-cost concreting method that provides an aesthetic appearance to the concrete surfaces. Different types of salt crystals are used to achieve the slat finish concrete texture. The most commonly used salt crystal for salt finish concrete is Rock Salt(Halite).

Rock Salt Finish Concrete
Rock Salt Finish Concrete

The concrete which is prepared by using Rock salt crystals is known as a Rock Salt finish concrete. Rock salt is also known as Halite. Rock salt is formed by Sodium Chloride (NaCl). The Rock Salt finish concrete is an efficient, easy, and low-cost way to decorate the concrete surface which gives an aesthetic look to the concrete surface.

The process includes adding extra rock salt into the fresh concrete surface and letting it get set, Then washing with away with a stream of water.

The appearance of rocksalt finishes concrete is smooth and broom-finished, but it is slip-resistant which makes it a better and ideal material for a pool deck. Rocksalt finishes concrete not only helps in terms of safety, but it also helps objects like food carts, vehicles, and others to get around easier as well.

It is very necessary to seal the salt concrete with a sealant (acrylic or siliceous). Rock salt concrete is majorly used in the Swimming pool area, Garden, House backyard, and also in parking area.

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Properties of Rock Salt finish Concrete  

Following are the properties of rock salt finish concrete. 

  • Salt concrete finish should be able to resist hammering action.
  • Rock salt concrete finish must withstand chemical and weathering agencies.
  • It must be capable of resisting fire.
  • It should provide a smooth and broom-finished concrete surface.
  • Salt concrete finish should be slip-resistant.
  • It should have high strength and Durability.

Uses of Rock Salt Finish on Concrete

There are many uses of rock salt finish on concrete.

Some of the following are the uses of rock salt finish on concrete.

  • Rock salt finish on concrete is used as a decorative Edge for swirl-troweled or broom-textured concrete.
  • Rock salt finish on concrete is also used in large panels bordered by bands of smooth concrete.
  • It is used to provide texture to Coloured concrete overlays.
  • It is commonly used in house courtyard, parking, and area near to Swimming Pools.

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Rock Salt Finish Concrete Pros and Cons

Rock Salt Finish Concrete Pros

  • Salt finish concrete is very cheap when compared to others.
  • Salt finish concrete requires less manpower, equipment, and materials.
  • Salt concrete finish provides a smooth and broom-finished concrete surface which increases the aesthetic beauty of the structure.
  • Salt concrete finish has high slip/skid resistance.
  • Salt has less effect on hardened concrete.
  • Concrete salt finish saves a lot of time and cost.

Rock Salt Finish Concrete Cons

  • During low temperatures, there may be chances of water and moisture getting trapped on the surfaces.
  • These moisture and water that trapped in the surfaces will increase the pressure which, eventually will cause cracks in concrete.
  • If no sealant is provided then the concrete will absorb moisture near to it.

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